Life is so damn beautiful...  It should get in my mouth.
Sterling V.

Sterling, the daughter of a jet setting hippie and a psychedelic beach comber with the likes of cellist, concert pianist, thespians, and jazz musicians running through her legacy, its no wonder she can’t find a box to fit into. While her mother was away managing rock tours most of her childhood and her father wandering Venice Beach, Sterling spent her adolescence bouncing from aunt, to grandmother, to cousin soaking up their artistic influences and squeezing them out through her pen. Coupled with toddler memories of her teen mother’s obsession with all things Michael, Janet Jackson, and Prince – choreography came natural to Sterling. She began transforming her feelings, experiences and heartbreaks into poetry which evolved organically into lyrics and eventually songs. In regards to Sterlings style? Well, If Erykah Badu, MIA, and Gwen Stefani had a Child cosmically who listened to Digable Planets and N.E.R.D. while in the womb.....that would be Sterling.